Sometimes I’ll see a place and want to stop by for months, but there’s always some stupid reason keeping me from doing it. There’s either a time constraint, or the excuse is lame, like going in the direction where I’d have to make a left turn across a four lane highway. You know, you’ve made the excuses before. But this day was different. This day I was tired from working an event with almost 200 people in attendance, and I had to suit up. April does not suit up very well because I just don’t have to wear them that often. In fact the last time I wore one was almost a year ago at a similar event.

After said tiring event, I just wanted a nice, fresh meal. Something that I didn’t have to put any effort forth to enjoy, but I couldn’t think of where to go that wouldn’t disappoint me, so I took a chance on Everyday Gourmet in Lexington, in the little strip mall across from Target that also houses Travania & Yumilicious. After perusing their perfect sized menu (not too few options, not too many, plenty of vegetarian combinations), I settled on a Salad Trio customized with pimento cheese, black bean & corn salad, and a fruit salad cup, over a bed of fresh salad leaves.

After taking out those pita chips and cucumbers by slathering them in the pimento cheese, I decided that the remainder would become my salad dressing, and removed the two other cups to make way for this glorious creation. Let’s start by discussing the consistency of this pimento cheese. It was strange. Strange isn’t a bad thing here though, it just threw me off at first. The cheese bits aren’t shreds of cheese, or little spheres so much as they are nubs of cheese, about the size of rice. It’s not like the normal cheese cut that you are familiar with from a box grater. I would like to know how they do it. The flavor of the cheese is good, very pleasing though I personally would add a little more black pepper myself. It was wonderful mixed in with the greens, so you should try that if you haven’t before.

The black bean and corn salad was pretty good, but after I heard one of the cooks there describing a pasta salad they were offering that day I really wish I would have gotten that. He said that it was orzo pasta with peas, roasted red pepper, and (if I remember correctly) Parmesan cheese melted in. Ohhhh. My mouth is watering again just thinking about it.

This place isn’t just a cute little cafe, it’s also a prepared to-go dinner place. I didn’t have time to check out all of their offerings, but there is an extensive fridge/freezer dedicated to what looked like a ton of fresh meals that just need to be reheated to enjoy. There is also a small market area, with jellies and other little gourmet snacks. It has a great atmosphere and  very friendly staff. Add in the fresh menu and you’ve got a place I’ll definitely return to for lunch over and over.

Even more- they do catering, and since I so enjoyed my lunch, I picked up a copy of the catering menu to take back to the office, since I know the people we feed get sick of eating the same rotating box lunches every time they have the pleasure of visiting our office. In case you want to visit it in the meantime, so you don’t miss it, it looks like this- located between the Anytime Fitness and Cartridge World.

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