Everyone has aspirations and wants to keep moving forward, not staying in a holding pattern or even worse, falling backwards and flailing the whole way down. That is why, in an effort to motivate myself and perhaps even inspire others, I want to list some things I want to do with this blog, and hopefully if someone has great insights they can share.

1. Add sharing buttons to the bottom of every post. Any help with this? I figured it out thanks to poking around Katy‘s site and using Shareaholic since she does, and she seems to know a lot about this “social media stuff.” 🙂

2. A better laid out About page that separates who I am, what this blog is, and what I want to do through it.

3. Get a blog redesign done. Nothing drastic, I like this layout, but I would prefer to get rid of some things I can’t figure out how to change with this format. I am afraid of messing with the CSS too much though! Suggestions for awesome people who do this are welcomed right here. ps: I have made $1.50 in Google ads, so don’t have a lot to spend n this venture unless…

4. I get more profitable ads on here. I am not sure what avenue I want to go down, but I do know that I don’t want to be part of an ad network that has content restrictions or post frequency guidelines. Any input from bloggers like me who have found something that works? I honestly don’t expect to make a living off of this, but I would totally love to cover my hosting costs at least.

5. OWN IT. I was given this advice at the “Rising Above the Negativity” session at the Healthy Living Summit. I have been/am kind of skittish about real life friends knowing about this blog thing I am doing because I know a lot of people that think they are Internet badasses and that “trolling” people is fun and cute. No it’s not, you’re all a bunch of lame jerks. I am freely willing to admit that my skin isn’t thick enough yet to deal with people who have nothing better to do than make others feel bad. And I don’t want to risk ruining this this that has started to become part of me, like an extra arm. Only it’s an arm that I want to get comments on, unlike the kind I’d likely attract with a real extra arm.

Give me your blogvice for a small time deal like myself. I enjoy sharing my life and the fun that there is to be had in Columbia (and beyond!) but I am definitely challenging myself to be continually learning from this venture, be it how to tweak HTML, how to better use a DSLR, or just to simply improve my writing skills, which need to be used frequently just like muscles.

Have a great weekend, I’ll be enjoying Viva la Vista on Sunday with the husb, since I just bought tokens from Peace Love & Rocky Roast (this post is brought to you by their delicious iced mochas, by the way). It’s Columbia’s premier food festival, how could you miss that?