In college I used to drive to Harbison multiple times a week to work. Now that I don’t have to, the drive out there seems tortuously long and I like to lump my errands out there together. Of course, that also includes fun errands like checking out Bubble Tea Cafe! It’s on Bower Parkway, two spaces down from the left of the movie theatre.

(Photo source: Facebook)

It was hot after work today, so I was especially looking forward to a bubble tea drink because I knew it would be cold, and that it would have little black balls in the bottom. Other than that, I had no idea what bubble tea was. The selection of flavors that are offered is almost overwhelming. Luckily, I had time to really decide what I wanted while standing in line. By the time I got to order, I had narrowed my choices down to lavender and Thai tea. Learning about what you’re eating or drinking is important, so I took the time to ask Daisy who was behind the counter what the black balls, aka tapioca pearls which are made from the yucca root. Basically, they are chewy little balls of starch that give the drink texture and a fun surprise each time you slurp one up the big straw that comes with the drink!

I chose the Thai tea flavor this go round and was glad I did. It tastes just like the Thai tea I like to make at home, but this time in a fun, slushy form with surprises at the bottom. It also wasn’t too¬† sweet, which wasn’t something I was looking for today.

I definitely recommend stopping by Bubble Tea Cafe, and if you’re lucky you can find a coupon in the Free Times. Next time I’ll be trying the lavender flavor. Or taro. Or the Wine Teas that they offer..?!

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