My sickness wasn’t going away, so yesterday morning I dragged myself down to the Minute Clinic at CVS to see what was going on and to get some drugs to tame it. I was prescribed antibiotics and a steroid nasal spray (will this hulk me up and make me grow hair??) and was told to eat plenty of yogurt with the antibiotic because it would make me more vulnerable to yeast infections. So… why not make the experience a little more indulgent and treat myself with some interesting new froyo after seeing this post from Trenholm Plaza on Facebook?

32 degrees was empty aside from the guy working there, because who else really gets froyo at 11:30 in the morning on a random Monday? There were a few flavors of the Only 8 available, including Dreamsicle, Chocolate, Milky Way, and I thiiink one other that I can’t recall. I chose regular blueberry, Only 8 Chocolate and Only 8 Milky Way. My toppings of choice were mini marshmallows, and just a few mochi pieces. I honestly have no frickin’ clue what mochi are/is, and even though they sound like anime food, they are chewy and good and I get some every time I get froyo. They look like the marshmallows in the picture, and you can see one beside the “y” in blueberry below:

Only 8 frozen yogurt is no fat, no cholesterol, calcium fortified, low calories, low carb, no preservatives, sweetened with fructose, safe for most diabetics and lactose intolerants, has four healthy yogurt cultures, and a great taste that won’t go to your waist, according to the informational card I picked up at the counter! That’s a lot for one little cup of yogurt to give, and it sounds like with all that isn’t there that it would taste like artificially sweetened feet. But mysteriously, it doesn’t. Not at all.

The chocolate tastes just like regular chocolate frozen yogurt, if not just a hair less sweet, which I personally prefer. The Milky Way has a delicious warm caramel-y undertone to the chocolate base, subtly distinguishing it from the regular chocolate flavor. That extra little complexity in flavor separated it out for me as my preferred Only 8 flavor of the day. A marshmallow in each bite made it taste just like a cold candy bar. Blueberry of course, was a great palate cleanser and perennial favorite of mine.

A lot of people like to gripe about how these self-serve froyo places that are popping up on every corner like churches in the South are so expensive. They just don’t know how to work them in their favor. Look above into my cup. I got all of that for $2.94, which is a much better deal than a gallon of gasoline right now. All three flavors satisfied me, didn’t fill me up, and didn’t leave me with cold M&M bits stuck in my teeth. The secret to maximizing your dollar at a froyo shop is to enjoy the flavors of the froyo, not the flavor of a ton of toppings. The toppings are generally pretty heavy, which adds to the weight and equals a five dollar cup on the scale. If you must top your froyo, do so with a light touch, and try to go for the lighter toppings. Graham cracker crumbs, marshmallows, and jimmies will cut the price much more than M&Ms, chopped up candy bars, or roughly crushed cookies. If you want a whole candy bar, get one from the gas station instead of paying a premium price for the luxury of having someone else chop it up and put it in an alluring clear container with a scoop for you. However, that mochi always calls my name just… a little… bit..!

Now if only 32 degrees Yogurt Bar wasn’t all the way out in Forest Acres… I’d be set. Hey wait, maybe it’s time to think about franchising one for the Cayce-West Columbia area? Angel investors wanted, inquire within.