I haven’t felt as excited about sharing what I am cooking the past few weeks because I’ve been consumed with just trying to keep up with living life (plus it’s hot, so hot here). Making sure that I eat enough vegetables and proteins shouldn’t have to be a daily chore, but some days it really feels like it, so meals have been quick and easy for the most part. Lots of tacos, healthy nachos, noodle salads, hummus wraps, grilled kebabs over a bed of rice, nothing to get thrilled over. Healthy and delicious for the most part, but sharing every bite of food seems a bit overkill. The only person that cares about that sort of thing is you and possibly your nutritionist. I did make this Greek Spread, courtesy of Dana at House*Tweaking. It is absolutely delicious with Ritz crackers and took me about 4 sittings to destroy the whole dish. And it requires no cooking!

Then there’s trying to get enough exercise in during the week, PLUS doing so many other obligations. Board meetings, making dinner, keeping the house up, showering every day… it’s starting to get overwhelming again. And next week I will be flying to Philly! I can’t believe summer has zipped by so fast! I am trying to go out with a summer bang by getting husband to take me down to Charleston one weekend in August for some beach time. It’s not summer without at least a little salt water and sand!

Help… what do you prioritize daily?