When I realized that my lemongrass plant was doing nothing but growing and acting as a hangout spot for Oliver, I figured that it was time to find a recipe in which to incorporate its exotic flavors. I used some of it in Thai Coconut soup from the Moosewood cookbook (it was alright, nothing to write home blog about, and I tried lemongrass ice cream (couldn’t detect the lemongrass flavor), so next on the list was lemongrass soda. I normally don’t drink soda unless it’s a mixer, and even then I prefer to stick with the clear, usually lemon-lime flavored ones. Following the directions I found online here, I followed his recipe exactly. It was pretty cut and dry, just food processing, boiling, straining and then cooling.


Ahh… refreshing.

I haven’t tried it with vodka yet, but I am guessing that it will be delicious. I don’t want tomorrow at work to beĀ  so hard that it drives me to drink, but if it does, I know what I’ll be mixing up. Normally I am not a soda drinker, but if I am going to drink it, why not make my own as to be able to control the sugar and additives? Plus… I needed carbonated water anyways for another upcoming recipe, so why not experiment with sodas the same week?