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The long 4th of July weekend was great because it afforded many of us to have a weekend day that did not touch a workday, giving everyone a chance to just breathe and either relax or throw themselves into partying as hard as possible. If I had to sum up my weekend in two or three words, it would be fruit and sweat. Both the fruit and the sweat did coincide in some instances.

Friday night I dragged my dad down to the Dam Bar & Grill in Lexington to see of of my favorite local bands Villanova Weaving the Fate perform for the low, low cost of $5. As the lead singer Brian Conner put it, “This is the only one of our shows where your ticket also gets you a free beer and hot dog!” The free beer choices were Bud Light Lime or Natural Light, so I went with the lesser of two evils and had a Bud Light Lime. It tasted exactly like it did last time I tried it- like bubbly, liquid Fruity Pebbles. I choked it down for the sake of it being cold free beer, but then went with a regular Bud Light to wash away the weird limey-ness of it all. My dad helped me out by eating my hot dog, and we enjoyed the tunes of Weaving the Fate. We were pretty close to the stage with our lawn chairs, and I can’t really expound upon it much more than to say that Weaving the Fate does what they do best – they rocked the place out. Great show, hope to see them back in town again soon!

Saturday I woke up pretty early to take my grandfather to the State Farmer’s Market. He wanted melons and tomatoes, I wanted a watermelon, some peppers, and zucchini. We got our goods and headed back home. Short trip, not much sweating went on. It was just nice to enjoy his company outside of sitting on his porch in the heat. The rest of the day I did absolutely nothing outside of the house. I declined a few offers to do things, it stormed, I ate a lot of food and watched Desperate Housewives on Netflix instant streaming. It was fantastic.

Sunday the in-laws came in for brunch at @116 State (love that place!) and a Sam’s Club run. Both husb and I went to brunch, and he shrugged out of going to Sam’s. I only let him get away with it so he could go home to bake the Beautiful Burger Buns that I had left rising at home. These things were amazing! The only substitution I made was to use one cup of whole wheat flour in place of one cup of white flour and it worked out deliciously. We used the buns on Sunday, but more on that soon.

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Sunday evening was spent visiting my friend at his house on the lake, way on out in Leesville. Way, way out. We swam, he made peach cobbler and pimento cheese like a good Southern boy does, and sat on the dock and just shot the breeze. A quick storm that rolled through messed up the plan to sit on the dock and have a cigar though, but there’s always next time!

Monday was another early morning because I had to be up and drive my friend and myself to the Lexington County Peach Festival in time to park and get a spot to watch the parade that began at 9:30 a.m. We got a good place at the beginning of the parade route. We had a tractor count going, and we ended up counting 22 tractors in rural town parade. Not bad! This was the only photo I got, but this was the best float in our opinions. It’s a peach basket!

It was so hot out there, which is why the parade was so early. We downed peach ice cream, peach slush, peach tea, and water to keep cooled down, but nothing stopped the river of sweat flowing down my back. After buying a small sack of peaches, we got the hell out of there by noon. It was fun, but hot, so hot and crowded with people. I definitely enjoyed it, but will not enjoy it for another few years at least.

I came home to a carport full of friends that were there to help eat a 20 lb. pork leg that husband had in the freezer with instructions to get rid of it. Whatever dry rub he used on it must have been good, because our friends tore that thing UP. They particularly enjoyed the meat on my beautiful burger buns, and they are all gone now! Every kept commenting on how good they were, which made me feel awesome. Yeaaah. I also enjoyed one with some Gardein Pulled BBQ Shreds. Look for a review of those here!

And the rest of Monday was spent watching more Desperate Housewives, showering, and making hummus and this monster fruit salad to eat at work the rest of the week!

Instances of fruit in this post: 5

Mentions of sweat in this post: just assume it was hot enough for it all weekend, which is why I have a miserable heat rash ON MY FOREHEAD now. Not amused by that, but all in all it was a full, fun weekend! Thanks, America!