Nothing results in a good night’s sleep for me than being the only human in the house. There isn’t anyone else using the bathroom, banging around, making the dogs cause a ruckus at the backdoor, just pure silence… until the phone rings. Luckily my mom has learned to leave me alone until 10 a.m. on the weekends unless it’s an emergency, especially if she has a favor to ask of me, as was the case this morning. I got up to her calling me right at 10:01 a.m., fought through a brief lack-of-caffeine induced headache, and headed to her house to help heft up a huge flat screen TV to a wall mount. I could never have one of those in my home, it just seems like something so heavy should be hanging like that! Agh.

After that, I needed to get my muscles some protein and give my whole body the energy to tackle my to do list. The rest of this post is brought to you by my version of a green monster:


(flax seeds, spinach, frozen bananas, frozen strawberries, fresh blue berries, milk)

I started out by prepping my areas for the impending paint attack. First, the biggest surface to paint got two coats of white primer. I am currently waiting for the brush to dry to put the coat of semi-gloss on, then the doorknob.

While those layers were drying, I tackled the peeling paint spots in the shower. I didn’t want to take the time to make them absolutely perfect and amazing, so I sanded the edges down with a sanding block and used an artist brush to paint over the spots to just cover them and have the paint blend in. As long as there isn’t a giant glaring hole in the paint driving me crazy while I shower, that’s all that matters in the here and now.

This image below is one of the worst images ever, yet here I am sharing it. Please forgive me for this ocular assault, but there isn’t a great way to show cabinet organization, as far as I am concerned. My biggest mission here was to move the junk we don’t/shouldn’t use way out of the way and give more breathing room to the things we use a lot and always have to shuffle through other junk to get to. The biggest changes I am happy about are the deep fryer going way up high, giving my Pyrex and measuring implements more room, and giving lesser used Tupperware a home that doesn’t make me want to fling it in the garbage recycling every time it falls down on my head.

Bonus kitchen organization! I made enough room in our booze cabinet (also stored high and out of reach to keep us from lushing out more often than we should. I am proud of that mostly empty middle shelf, gives us room to grow into the cabinet if needed!

I may not have introduced Art the Cart yet. He is replacing the mini freezer we had in the kitchen to supplement the tiny amount of freezer space we had before getting Frieda the Fridge. I love the storage space in this! I was able to put small utensils in the drawer, aluminum foil, parchment paper, and plastic baggies down there so that they wouldn’t rain down from the overhead cabinets. Hot mitts and hot pads also get stored on the cart for easy access.

Add in a trip to the nearby Ace Hardware for some bits and bobs for other menial projects (replacing a lost screw, re-potting plants, blah blah) and I had a full day before 3 p.m. I feel accomplished and think that a rewarding afternoon trip to the lake is in the cards for me! Stay hydrated if you’re outside, it’s really hot out there!