When droves of kids start flowing back into classrooms, and school buses start clogging up the roads again, I start to feel like summer is Over with a capital O, even though I have no children or anything to do with school or education. It must just be a leftover intuitive feeling ingrained from years and years of school. College classes here start August 18th (aka one day before I head off to #HLS!) and for some reason last night, that gave me a kick in the pants to finish up my last little home improvement projects that I had planned to tackle this summer.

This little marathon will include:

  • sanding down and touching up the paint in the shower
  • painting the closet door in the hallway
  • touching up all of the trim as needed
  • reorganizing a few kitchen cabinets after I cleared them out/moved stuff to the new kitchen cart

I hope to get a lot done this weekend, and the husband will be out of the way and out welcoming a friend home from basic training. He can’t stand it when I paint things, I just don’t know why!

So in the spirit of using other people’s judging eyes as motivation, I am going to keep an update going here, as well as have a big before/after post (and a big, cool drink) to celebrate getting myself in motion to kick off the school year beginning of the end of summer the right way!

Are you trying to finish up any home improvement projects that have been put off a little too long?