…tastes like lime? When I saw a tweet about Cromer’s seasonal popcorns I knew I had to have a taste. I haven’t been to Cromer’s since they moved to Huger Street, but have had their regular popcorn at Trustus Theatre where you can get free unlimited popcorn at their shows. Cromer’s has a pretty wide variety of flavored popcorns that they sell year-round. Most of them are of the cheesy variety: pizza flavored, nacho flavored, white cheese, neon orange cheese… then there’s caramel corn and other flavors I can’t recall at the moment.

The summer seasonal flavors are BBQ and Sublime. BBQ wasn’t on the racks, but Sublime was easy to spot. I picked up a 2.25 oz. bag for $1.99, along with some goodies for a coworker’s 50th birthday party and headed out to the car. I noticed the text on the door on the way out. LOL. In case you can’t see it, it says, “Many nuts… pass through these doors.”

I couldn’t wait until I got home to try it, so I ripped it open in the car. As soon as you open it, the smell of fresh, buttered popcorn wafts up with no hint of lime at all. Once you get it in your mouth, however, you definitely get hit with the taste of lime. It’s a strange sensation to be smelling one thing but tasting another. I definitely would categorize this as more of a hit of lime than a hint of lime. It doesn’t taste bad, it is just… odd. I had my official taste tester (husband) try some and he said the exact same thing I said about it, regarding the smell throwing you off from the upcoming taste explosion. How many more times can I put taste in this paragraph? Taste, taste, taste, okay. The rest of this bag is probably going to go to a friend’s party tomorrow to see what others have to say about it.

As much as I like lime in margaritas, lemon-lime drinks (mixed with vodka, preferably) and flavoring my Thai food, I haven’t had the greatest track record with lime flavored things. Should you decide to brave this flavor and also not fancy it, their cheese flavored popcorns should be excellent because I find it hard to mess up anything as long as cheese is added, or for the less adventurous, there’s always the regular popcorn. If I find the BBQ flavor I will give it a test drive since I do love me some BBQ flavored chips, and I look forward to seeing what seasonal flavors come out in the coming months! Might I suggest apple-cinnamon for the fall?

Any recommendations for special seasonal popcorn flavors? Cromer’s, will you name a flavor after someone if they come up with an awesome flavor profile? I guarantee it will be the weirdest in town, hopefully not the worst!