Alternate title: Comforting sicky foods

So even though I posted a bunch of fun things to do in Cola town this weekend, I doubt I’ll be able to get to any of them since I woke up Friday feeling terrible. I went to work early, as I had to run some office errands before coming in, and did them on auto pilot, sneezing the entire time. I got to the office and the sneezing got worse, so bad that my supervisor was like, “Stop sneeeeeziiing!” in a joking tone. I told her that I was more than willing to head home so I didn’t have to make everyone else suffer hearing my explosive multiple sneezes. She agreed so I took off in search of healing comforts. I stopped by Jason’s Deli in the Vista for some of their vegetarian French onion soup and a cherry cane sugar soda to go. Drinking that soup made me feel better because onions are jammed full of healing properties. Knowing that it was certifiably vegetarian too made my mind feel good, and I am so glad that Jason’s is so vegetarian friendly to have that soup as part of their daily soup offering.

After the soup, I spent the rest of the day in bed watching Desperate Housewives streaming on Netflix until I was certain that someone on my street was going to murder/extort me someday. Husband got sick too in a different way later in the evening, so neither of us slept very well.

Now it’s Saturday and I am looking to eat a lot more healing comfort foods and try to get some good rest. I started with a half ass version of a green smoothie: ground flax seeds, spinach, frozen banana chunks, frozen strawberries, a drop of honey, and some milk. Next I succumbed to husband-made Spagettios, then it’s been Camelbak after Camelbak full of water, and watermelon cubes. Now I am craving a seven layer salad (minus the meat and olives) like nobody’s business. I feel like a trip to Jason’s Deli for the salad bar would be a very favorable substitute. My body wants leafy green, vegetables and fruit when sick and tired, who am I to deny it? The next step is getting someone in this house to drive and accompany me there. Maybe I need to watch more Desperate Housewives and learn their extortion and blackmailing tricks better. Those women always end up getting their way with men.

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¬†What do you crave when you’re feeling less than stellar?