Before proceeding with the rest of this post, start playing this song.

Ahora, time for healthy nachos.


Soy & flax seed tortilla chips!










Black beans!





Finely chopped spinach!









(Mild) jalapenos!











The last scoop of sour cream!




My ingredients:

Of course, use any type of the above to make basic nachos. That’s the beauty of such a dish- you can use whatever you have on hand, as long as you have the staples- chips, cheese & salsa. However, the bulk of the healthiness comes from the ingredients I used. The soy & flax chips are slam-jam packed with protein and fiber. The beans are full of the same. Spinach added some greens and more fiber. The salsa was a veritable festival of lycopene. Scallions and jalapenos added another vegetable-y kick of flavor. The cheese and the sour cream of course, is the cherry on top to make them taste extra delicious, as well as provide some calcium (ok sure and some fat but I do what I can).

I stuck them in the over after the cheese, then again after the beans to warm them up. I kept the oven temperature low, at 200 degrees and just eyeballed the meltiness of the cheese. Did I mention that at the word “nachos” the husband came running in to help me devour them? We even ate at the table together, ya’ll. These nachos are serious business.