Sometimes I think about shaving my head, husband’s head, getting electrolysis everywhere on both of us, trading the animals in for hairless versions, and getting a maid to come and remove every last piece of hair from our house. I swear it is everywhere, constantly. It never ceases. My hair is always getting caught in my fingers or tickling the back of my arms when a breeze blows. The dog and cat hair collects in tumbleweeds in corners and around chair legs. My poor couch and chair-and-a-half get used by these suckers below 99.99% of the time. The last person to sit on it was at Christmas two years ago and I guarantee husband’s parents’ backsides were plastered with a hairy covering once they got up (oops). Last weekend, in a fit of energy and determination, I tried to de-hair the hairest room of the house: the “formal” living room, aka the Purple Room around here.

In my excitement to move furniture that hadn’t been moved an inch since it landed in this home two years ago, I started moving all (except that big cabinet in the background) of the furniture away from the walls. Then… I kept moving it, til things got switched around. I had been wanting to move this chair-and-a-half away from the window where it was a dog magnet. Radar would crawl up in it and lay across the top right half purposely RUINING IT keeping an eye on the neighborhood. So across the room it went, to create the beginnings of a cozy reading nook for myself! I decided to live with it like this for a few weeks to make sure I like it before I go through the permanence of drilling holes in for art. Can’t see the mailman from there now, can you DOG?

Where did what once inhabited that corner go? Across the room, where the chair was being decimated located. A loaded bookcase and my sewing desk are now housed there. I doubt the dog will be crawling up on either of those. I have already been more inspired to sew now that I have a window to look out of while seated there. I made a whole pillow cover for the wood room. WOO! Actually, that little sewing project was my biggest exertion this weekend, since I was and am still under the weather.

It felt great to clean the space of the hair and dust that I’ve been trying to ignore and hope that it would go away, and it was also nice to physically rearrange it so that mentally, the room seemed fresher and more inviting to use, since I would never take the time to really clean off the chair-and-a-half before sitting it in to read a book, whereas now after using multiple vacuums (some borrowed from my mom!), lint rollers, and the Pledge Pet Hair Erasers (learn how to hack those suckers here), I finally have a nice place to curl in and enjoy a book without coming out as hairy as the dogs. Next project? Shaving them all down.