Wednesday was a very foodie day for me! I started off with big plans of going to Columbia’s first Food Truck Food Court (#FTFC) and the trip started out very lucky by getting a great parking spot right off the bat. There were a lot of people there that a) didn’t have to work, b) didn’t have to be at work yet, or c) didn’t care about work and came anyways! I fell into the latter category, although I was luckily able to weave in someone else’s work errands into my lunchtime so I could have more time at #ftfc if needed. Nothing like a favor that works in your own favor, am I right? I’m glad I had the extra time, because FTFC was swinging full of people who wanted food on wheels. Four trucks were on hand at Cromer’s to feed our needs:

Alfresco Mobilista Bistro

Pawley’s Front Porch

2 Fat 2 Fly

Bone In Artisan BBQ

I was super excited to try Bone In‘s new vegetarian sandwich that husband told me about the night before. Let me see if I can get what it is correct… It’s fried green tomatoes on scallion waffles with garlic aoili, with purple slaw on the side, or something to that effect. I wish I could tell you all about it, but they were sold out by the time I got up to the window! Rather than bake in the sun anymore, I counted my minutes and stole back to the cooler comforts of the car’s air conditioner to go run my work errands and get some lunch somewhere inside.The work errand was to get things from Mast General Store, so I got the goods plus a Cheerwine for myself to cool down with.

After stepping back out onto Main Street I surveyed the area and saw that the White Mule had a lit up open sign. I hadn’t been down in that space since it was Jammin’ Java and I am pretty sure that I was still at Midlands Tech at that point (those years of my life were 2003-2005, by the way). It is so refreshingly cool and dark in there, just like I remember. The subterranean feel and incredibly friendly ladies behind the counter hit the spot. I ordered a pimento quesadilla to go and checked out the art on the walls while waiting for my food. There is a beautiful photo oh the State House that was taken when it was covered in a blanket of pristine snow from earlier this year. If I had $250 to spare, I’d buy it in a hot minute. So, the quesadilla.

I ate it once I got back to work as to not take advantage of the time away from the office. It was very flat, but very good. Cheese didn’t ooze out and goop everywhere, a definite plus in my book as far as lunch fare goes. The pimento cheesiness added a special little something that most cheese quesadillas just don’t provide. Of course, this is only but one item on White Mule’s menu, and considering how good it is and how much I could use a cool, dark spot in the hot months still to come, I will be back to try more.

Meanwhile, I’ll also be back staking out a spot in line at Bone In to get my hands on one of those fried green tomato sandwiches! I consider it my utmost duty to review it, as one of Columbia’s self appointed most dedicated vegetarian local food bloggers.

Did you get anything amazing at the first Food Truck Food Court? Do you like the food at the White Mule too? Or did you go there when it was Jammin’ Java?