Some weeks I need chocolate a lot more than other weeks and in the summer those chocolate needs are best soothed with chocolate-heavy ice cream. We all know what I mean, so let’s get to the point here. This is a non-recipe recipe. It’s meant to be easy and it’s not meant to be followed with precise measurements. Just fling that shit in there. This type of ice cream is what’s called Philadelphia style ice cream, which has no cooking, tempering eggs or making custard nonsense to deal with. This is real deal gotta have it now girl-cravings ice cream.

Throw a half pint (aka cup) of whipping cream, a cup of milk, 3/4 of a cup of sugar (or eyeball it, we have things to tend to here), and a tablespoon of vanilla extract in a mixing bowl. Mix it up til the sugar is dissolved. Grate up a block of bakers chocolate with the zester part of the grater.

Throw those little chocolate curls into the cream-sugar mix. Integrate it a little if you feel like it. Pour it in your ice cream maker and go.

Let it mix til it is the consistency of ice cream. Now lay back on the couch, keep watching HGTV, and eat it. There’s your non-recipe recipe for a chocolate fix. #winning