Who has heard of Cheerwine, the taste of the South? How about Krispy Kreme, the guilty pleasure of the South? Did you know that Cheerwine and Krispy Kreme have found a way to make doughnuts even more tasty and less healthy? During the month of July, Cheerwine Krispy Kreme doughnuts can be found in select Southern states both in grocery stores and in the KK stores/factories.

Now, these are less than healthy, but I really wanted to try them out, so I took the opportunity to take them to a friend’s birthday celebration this past weekend.

I went into this not expecting it to taste good, honestly. A few of us grabbed a doughnut apiece and all hovered with the doughnuts, furtively glancing at each other to see who would take a bite first. We all ended up biting in around the same time. My first bite didn’t tasty very Cheerwiney. Where was the kreme? As you can see in the photo below, depending on where you bite into it, you may not get a taste of the Cheerwine infused kreme at first. On the kreme, a comment I heard was “It’s like they got the carbonation into the kreme too!”

I definitely wouldn’t eat these often, nor would I ever recommend eating more than one, if you even eat a whole one because there are 390 calories jammed into Each Individual Doughnut. I could go all “You Could Eat This… Or All This!” a la Glamour magazine, but you can probably imagine a huge handful of things you could eat that would fill you up and be more nutritious than this monster, but sometimes curiosity kills the cat makes the cat obese. Split one with a friend to get the taste with half the calories! Then jump on an elliptical to burn it off really quickly. It’s all about portion control and exercise.