Shopping online is terrible. Awful. I just spent more money in the first half of my workday than I should be spending, but all for good causes.

Splurge #1 was my plane tickets for Healthy Living Summit.I got the time off of work! It feels real now! Phillyyyy!

Splurge #2 was tickets to the UConn vs. USC Super Regionals baseball game on Saturday. The tickets are an early Father’s Day present to my dad. We usually go to Atlanta for a Braves game for either Father’s Day or his birthday, but why not stay close to home, and watch the Gamecocks stomp their way to a second National Championship title?

Soooo, to stave off any urges to go blow through more cash this weekend, I stopped by Lowe’s at lunch to pick up some toys (and to return something small). I got a drop cloth to put on the hallway floor so I can paint the ceiling without destroying the floor anymore. I also got two cans of silver metallic spray paint to see if I can’t make this boring black book case from the hallway update the other week any sexier.

That’s how I’ll be entertaining myself this weekend! Painting and baseball. Thank God I get paid Wednesday. How do you entertain yourself when the ole cash flow is low?