Today was my second flex day at work, which by the way managerial types, is an amazing motivational tool. I chose to spend most of it out in the town of Lexington. First I needed to try Libby’s of Lexington, a new place that opened not so recently, but recently enough that I haven’t been yet. As a friend of theirs on Facebook, I saw their lunch and dinner specials posted daily. In preparation for my visit I thought I might get a head start on vegetarian options.

Today was and still is blisteringly hot for someone who spends 37.5 hours a week under intense air conditioner, so the first order of business at Libby’s was a cold beer. A cold “I’m not at work, SUCKERS!” beer. I also got to use the cute little label area for the first time that I’ve seen on Bud commercials.


Once I had time to take a few sips of my beer, I took the time to notice the decor. It’s absolutely adorable in there. Sparsely decorated, but perfect touches. I just love the tan walls with smart black accents, the light beige tiled floor with black grout, and the green touches from the plants scattered around. It’s very bistro-chic. This photo is one I am nipping from their Facebook, because I didn’t want to be “that” person in a crowded restaurant at lunch.It was just full enough- I got seated immediately, but you could tell that the local-to-Main-Street-ers just love this place, so they keep coming back.

Going from the advice of Libby’s designated Facebook-er, I got a calzone with pineapples in it. It was enormous, so much so that half of it came home in a box and is being eaten um… right now. I was editing the photos and saw this picture of it and just had to have more, okay?!

It’s very good, stuffed with ricotta cheese, as well as a whole menagerie of other ones. The marinara dipping sauce is chunky with a nice kick of spiciness that’ll keep you reaching back for that beer. I will say though, I don’t suggest that you order this in the company of someone you are wanting to impress, because this sucker is not the easiest to maneuver into your mouth. So be warned on that. It’s a nice alternative to pizza though, and I think it’s probably a better deal. A calzone ran me around $8, whereas a flat pizza would tack on an extra $4ish dollars, depending on size and toppings. Libby’s prides itself on using fresh, local ingredients whenever possible, and whatever was on this calzone was very fresh tasting, local or not.

Our server, Matt was so great and knowledgeable about the food and gave us a full rundown of the lunch specials, telling us his thoughts on the meatloaf sandwich. Although I wasn’t going to order one, it was good to hear a server having such a detailed opinion on the dishes. He was so funny- asked for my ID when he brought back my debit card and check, and I said, “But I already drank the beer!!”

Except it was because he saw where the back of my debit card says SEE ID, and he took the time to actually ask for it, which no place ever has done to me before. See again: attention to detail. So if you find yourself wanting a fresh meal in L-town wanting something that isn’t a burger/chain restaurant/greasy spoon, head over to Libby’s. And if you need that extra motivational push, like them on Facebook to get the daily lunch and dinner specials. Meat eaters will probably get a better run of the menu, but vegetarians, you can go there too as long as you like cheesy, carby goodness.

Oh yeah… my calzone is gone.

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