Last night I was feeling antsy and gripey, so the best thing to do was to take my churlishness out into the backyard. Of course there were plenty of things to do out there, including picking up all of the oak leaf branches and chunks that had fallen in the violent storms of the past week. But that wasn’t enough. I threw tennis balls to Woody, my best fetcher, enough to wear him out.

But that wasn’t enough. I spotted a tree trunk in the middle of the yard that looked suspiciously loose in the ground. I just barely pulled on it and… well. This happened:

GRRR you won’t like me when I’m angry! The dark brown patch is where I filled it in with 80 pounds of topsoil so that we nor the dogs would fall into it. Every time I do yard work I am glad that I spent $40 on a little red wheelbarrow from Ace Hardware. It hauls anything I want like a champ.

Radar wasn’t impressed. In fact, she was being a little diva and refusing to look at the camera like a good little dog should.

She does seem to be super impressed with my lemongrass plant lately though. Apparently she is trying to catch nibbles of the leaves. I don’t blame her, I am impressed with it too. It’s doubled in size since I bought it about a month ago at Seven Oaks Plant Shop off of St. Andrews Road. I made lemongrass ice cream with some of the stalks earlier this week, but it isn’t lemony enough for me, so it won’t get shared here just yet.

We even let Oliver come outside for a little bit. I took a much more vivid photo in the natural light of the terrible shave job we inflicted on him. His overprotective daddy wouldn’t let him go too far though.


Of course, the one thing that ruins every South Carolina evening started to take over, so I had to go inside or get chewed to bits by mosquitoes. Time to schedule a trip back to Seven Oaks for some citronella plants!