Fun events, restaurant meals, cat clippers, student loan bills, gas (ugh freaking gas), renewing my concealed weapons permit, and many small, random home improvement purchases seriously have drained my bank account since my last paycheck. So this week’s grocery list was going to be slimmed down lowwww because that is a place where I can easily trim expenses.

I started out by going to the Town of Lexington Farmer’s Market to visit my friend who is the mastermind behind it all. Woody went with me for a r-i-d-e in the c-a-r because Radar was out getting a buzz cut, and I didn’t want him to be lonely at home with no one else around.He was excited to g-o.

I wasn’t able to take pictures there because I was already juggling a leashed dog, water bottle, bag of vegetables, giant purse, and a pint of chocolate milk from S.W. Shumpert Farms (delicious and pure tasting!). But this was our haul, for a whopping $3.

Cucumber, squash, 4 peaches, 2 enormous zucchini.

Then later that night it was time for the baseball game! It was a perfect afternoon with a breeze blowing through the upper stands in the outfield. I actually got goosebumps when the wind wouldn’t stop blowing. The view from up there is great though, you can see the entire field and every player.

The “other ways to save” from the title of this post is from this picture below. These guys were really serious about not having to pay to see the game. Next time we’ll know who to go see, LOL.

Back to the food: today’s grocery goal was $20. I was armed with coupons for half of the items I needed, and ripped through Publix in 15 minutes which felt awesome. I exceeded my goal and ended up spending $35.73. But I saved $11.98. I’m not one of those psycho couponers, I just do it casually for things I buy weekly and care about the brand, like Stoneyfield yogurt and Silk creamer.


A few of the things that were purchased that blew my budget were Snyder pretzels, diet Pepsi two liters for the husband, baking chocolate, and toilet paper. Whatever, I think I can work with $35 for the week’s groceries, considering that some of the purchases like olive oil, the baker’s chocolate, and feta cheese will last a while.

Now I just need to stop buying unnecessary things during the next pay period, and keep the grocery bill low so I can pay down my expenditures for Healthy Living Summit and can gear up to pay for the hotel room!

How do you cut costs when you have a big expenditure (like a vacation) coming up?