Following lunch at Libby’s I took the time to stop at some places in Lexington that I had items I needed and some items I did not yet know that I wanted. First up was 14 Carrot Whole Foods Store. I have loved 14 Carrot since I was in high school. My mom was excited to see it open way back when so she would have some idea of “what the hell to feed” me. I’ve discovered many a new flavor in their aisles, much in thanks to the daily free samples that await you less than three feet from the front door. Today’s mission was to get sliced almonds, coffee, and “some savory snacks that will make me not want chips.” I came away with spicy pumpkin seeds and salt-and-onion cashews, which are both delicious. I also surreptitiously tasted both before filling my bags up with them. What I got but didn’t know I needed was ENERGY! Chunks of energy!

This flavor is Chocolate Almond Chip, though they have flavors including carob banana, vanilla, and some others still. I am not sure where the energy comes from as I don’t see cocaine listed as an ingredient. I’m sure it comes from the powerhouse combination of nuts and fruits packed into each little chocolate square. Being the first time using these, I don’t want to overdose, so the current ingestion count is two. The flavor is good. Not so great that you want to pack away the whole bag, but not so bad that you want to gag. Not in a box, not on a fox. If you live in SC, I recommend stopping by to get some. If you’re elsewhere, I recommend zooming in on the ingredients and trying to hack your own version!

And back to the trip up 378. Next hit was Yumilicious of Lexington, which opened in the last month or so in a part of a shopping center that had sat vacant since it was built. Yumilicious is across the shopping center from Travania’s, and if you’ve been to Target since May, you can’t miss it. (Yes, I am a creeper who takes pictures from my car sometimes.)

I hadn’t been to its sister store on Forest Drive, so I stopped in to see what flavors they offered. The tarts of the day looked too tart or too weird (what is a taro?) so the red velvet and the Hershey cherry cordial flavors called my name.

I much preferred the red velvet over the Hershey flavor. Hershey’s was way too sweet. Red velvet, especially with the texture of the crumbs was just right. My yogurt and I went mere blocks up 378 to hit Sam’s Liquors for some Grand Mariner. However, they only offered bottles (and prices) that were more than I wanted, but I did find a little friend to bring home for the weekend.

I immediately took a phone picture of it and sent it through Facebook-space, knowing that a certain someone in an office not too far away would get the ray of hope that is weekend liquor drinkin’. These cute little babies will be perfect for the pool or the lake. Then, because the day was so strenuous from all of the lunching and shopping, I brought it on home to seek the cool, dark refuge of home.  And here we are, weekend festivities ahead!

Do you like Firefly’s products? Ever thought about taking the tour of their distillery? I totally want to one Saturday soon. VODKA-AHOYYY!