Today was a day of highs and lows. It started out high, at about 2,500 feet in the air. I hinted yesterday that I was going to be flying today, which I was doing myself! Husband got me a Groupon for a Discovery Flight through Eagle Aviation at Columbia-Owens Downton Airport. This is actually loggable hours that can count towards the minimum of 40 hours of flight training needed to obtain a pilot’s license!

I was in the air for 30 minutes, actually 100% in the pilot’s seat, with my instructor Mr. Rodriguez talking me through everything. On the ascent, the banking (turning) and descent I was honestly just holding the controls while he did all of the real work, but I did use the yoke to keep the plane level in the air. I also got to taxi in and out on the runway. It was the most exhilarating half hour ever. If I had a lot of money lying around, I would absolutely go for my pilot’s license. Maybe it can be a retirement (or housewife if I’m ever so lucky) dream.

That was the high of the day. I got home a little after noon and realized that my day couldn’t get any better than it had already been, so I went with my mom on a quest for home accessories. I, realizing that I have no money, what with a recent mattress (another Groupon score!) and refrigerator purchase only went for the joyride and to pick up tube shaped cube trays and a new Camelbak in which to put the tube cubes. I drink 4x more water out of my Camelbak than out of any cup. My mom couldn’t believe that I would spend $14 on a water bottle, but like I told her, if it gets me drinking that much water- WORTH IT.

While we were out, I also picked up a set of animal hair clippers with plans to make a sneak attack tomorrow. He won’t even know that it’s coming. Oliver is feeling much, MUCH better too.

Look at all of that hair. It’s horrifying to see how much gets left on the sheets and comforter and floor and… everywhere really. No need to list it all out.

Another place that animal hair goes to die is in our more “formal” living room. It rarely gets used because a) there’s nothing to do in there, and b) everywhere to sit is covered in dog hair.

However, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to pretty up that room. I put up some black stars of various shapes and sizes behind the couch because I had them at the time and they seemed to fit in well there. Now I am reconsidering if I want them to remain there (and add more) or not. I swear that purple isn’t that grape-jelly looking in real life. It’s a darker hue, much more plummy.

It may be apparent that there is a parking meter in the living room. I won it at the Change for Change auction to benefit the Climate Protection Action Campaign back in December 2010. No one else bid on this guy, so he came home with me for the opening bid price.

He fits right in with the stars and space theme! Plus it’s one of my first pieces of original art, and the first one that I paid good money for (the others were gifts).

In the photos above, I conveniently cropped out the super dusty shelves to the right of the parking meter art. Don’t you hate when you can’t crop things in real life? Or when you can’t hide or unfriend someone in real life like you can on Facebook? Technology is really making having to interact with real humans a pain sometimes.