If you live in Columbia, South Carolina and consume any form of media, you’re sure to have seen or heard that the Mast General Store opened recently in the former Lourie’s location on the corner on Main and Taylor streets. Mast is a small chain of old timey themed general stores that carry outdoor clothing, cookware, home furnishings, and a vast array of old fashioned candies and toys.

It officially opened on May 25th, so husband and I waited a while for the hoopla to die down a bit before we ventured out there on a weekend day. This weekend was the grand opening festivities though, so it was still a bit crowded, but nothing that a little elbowing couldn’t break through.

Spot the husband! He’s behind the candy $5.99/lb sign. He was on a mission to get a ton of candy to put in his office because he knows how to get coworkers to like him: sugar them up and chat them up for a spell.

He ended up with eight pounds of candy. This is what an eight pound sack of candy looks like:

It’s also what our cluttered kitchen table looks like right now. I just can’t seem to keep it from being a dumping ground, and we are both guilty of chucking stuff there. It’s also sticky now from liquid cat meds, which I figure it isn’t even worth wiping the table clean til we are done with the course of treatment, which I hope will be this week. I am tired of having to squirt sweet liquids into his mouth, he clearly doesn’t like it though I am sure he knows that they are what is keeping him feeling good. He is pretty complacent about taking the medicine. Quick tangent, we shaved him this morning.

Part of him anyways. Haha. He enjoys feeling cooler though, I am sure of that. Back to the Mast goods. I didn’t buy anything, but I pestered my love into buying me some sugary goodies. Not pictured is a delicious ole timey peach soda.

From top left clockwise: maple syrup candy (super sweet- wow), red licorice scotty doggies, cherry nougat (not taffy, NOT taffy as the lady at Mast was telling me in great detail), and what appears to be a mint Reese’s cup. There was a large selection of pretty decent looking clothing there, most sportswear type clothes from popular outdoor gear brands. There were a few things I really wanted to buy, but instead just took a photo of. One of those things is this amazing coffee cup with a built in handle.


I also really wanted this toy, but I know that if I really want a potato gun that shoots whole potatoes, not piddly little pellets, and is ignited with AquaNet hairspray and a lighter, that I have relatives that can whip one up in an afternoon.

I remember sitting on the front porch when I was about ten or eleven-ish and some cousins and uncles were over too, we were playing with this potato gun one of them had made. It was constructed out of PVC piping, and like I mentioned above, the igniting force was spraying AquaNet hairspray on it and putting a lighter up to it. It shot whole russet sized potatoes, and we were aiming them at the large size yard of this old pervert that lived across the street. Something went awry with one potato and it went rocketing right onto his roof. We heard the thud from across the road and all hauled ass inside. My mom wouldn’t let us play with it in the front yard anymore, and I think it eventually got thrown away.

So to bring this post back home, go check out the Mast General Store, on the corner on Main and Taylor. If you’re coming from the State House, it’s on the left side on the street. Enjoy that Main Street Feeling and maybe more people will build businesses there and it’ll soon be a hot place to go, instead of a place you try to avoid at all costs.