Finally getting around to sharing the first watermelon of summer. This was a smaller sized one from the farmer’s market. By the way, how do seedless watermelons get grown?

I like to pre-cut it into cubes, because eating it off the rind and getting juice everywhere drives me crazy.


This melon packed up nicely into three Ziplock containers for me to stick in the fridge and then scoop out into smaller portions to take to work.

Sometimes I like to add mint leaves to it to give it an extra cool little kick, and to make it look fancy, wild and refreshing.

I got a good amount of mint plants from a nice lady that posted “free spearmint, you dig” on Craigslist. I did just that early one morning on my vacation and got a bucketful of them. Most of them made it and are starting to thrive in the containers they got put in. The ones I damaged from yanking out of the ground are in a cup of water, hopefully growing little roots so they can be put into dirt.

Monday will be another great day to head to the South Carolina State Farmer’s Market and get a watermelon to take me through the upcoming (and short!!) work week, because it’s going to be a hot ‘un (check out the forecasted triple digits Saturday!)