After forty minutes of watching some woman on the Food Network that cooks with 5 ingredients per dish, then a little Paula Deen while lightly hitting the treadmill last week, I wanted something bacony. Luckily I had picked up Tofurky’s answer to bacon last time I was at Publix: the marinated tempeh smoky maple bacon. It was a little over four dollars for 14 slices, but I needed it, ok?

So  for this faux meat experiment’s first flight, I heated about a teaspoon of vegetable oil in a frying pan til it was pretty hot, laid seven strips in there, and let it sizzle (as much as flavored gluten chunks can) for a minute on each side, and then removed them from the pan to a plate. They smelled great while cooking, I must say. A few pieces had that nice charred look to them, which I love. Mmm burnt food, yes sir.

As I lifted the first still hot-to-the-touch piece to my mouth in anticipation, I imagined the glorious bacon taste that I was about to get. The scent was nearing closer to my taste buds. I took the first bite. It felt…

…like the bacon strip was separating into little nubles. I kept going, and the delicious flavor filled my senses. However, the texture just wasn’t cooperating. I believe this is a symptom of all tempeh products, being that it’s basically just wheat gluten pieces fermented soy pieces that have been “fused” together with something else and then flavored. Husband agreed that the texture was weird before he was done this taste test with his first bite.

Per the picture on the package, I believe that this bacon is meant to reside on a sandwich, or within another entity so that it can deliver the bacon-y taste without the eater having to feel the bacon strip alone in their mouth, separating into little bits.

The flavor is much better than Morningstar’s breakfast strips, but the flavor on this was much more smoky and desirable. But then I thought it would be amazing on a pizza after suffering through having to smell the bacon husband had put in the oven… wrapped around hot dogs. I never said he had taste. So I chopped the slices up and threw them on a simple thin crust pizza that is related to the one I had recently. It smelled amazing baking.

It smelled amazing baking, and if any meat eaters had been in the house, I would have gotten a confirm/deny on that. But clearly it was good enough that this time it was food first, pics later.

With dinner taken care of, and How I Met Your Mother already watched and nothing else to really do, I decided to be proactive and pack breakfast/lunch for the next day instead of fumbling between the kitchen and bathroom, trying to straighten my hair and scoop yogurt into a container simultaneously.

On days that I only take breakfast (yogurt) and some snacks (usually hummus/pretzels or chips, fruits, and other goodies) I pack that into my much smaller and cuter lunchbox, snagged at Target for five dollars a few years ago.

Here’s hoping the packing lunch the night before habit lasts! And regarding whether or not to have lunch at the office or to get out for the hour, luckily I read that the price of crude is dropping, and that prices should follow suit by the end of May. Yay!