We have a room in our house that is paneled wall-to-wall with “high dollar knotty pine” (as my father in law likes to call it), which gives the room a great, cozy feeling but it also makes it very dark. The lone window in the room is 3/4 of the way obscured my the large television that is husband’s favorite electronic. To put it lightly (ha, or not), it’s dark up in there. I don’t even have any real pictures of that room because its either too hard to see anything, or it looks too washed out from the overhead lights and the flash.

Our dogs have also caused a slight problem on the other side of the door that leads to the backyard from that room. They scratched a hole right through the wood. It’s a hollow core door, so it really was a matter of time. For a temporary fix, I covered it with a few layers of black duct tape, but they even scratched through that after a while. To rectify both the lighting situation and the hole in the door, I have been going to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore on Sunset Boulevard nearly every Saturday for two months with the door dimensions that I was looking for. I needed a 32″ x 79 1/4″ wood door with the handle on the right, that had a pretty generous amount of window, and wouldn’t be so flimsy that it let the manufactured air escape and the natural air from outside seep in. Yesterday, believe it or not, I hit the jackpot.

Come in and check it out.

It’s like light from heaven shining in through those double paned glass panels! The room is so much more light filled now, that once it was installed, I did a double take walking into the room because I thought the door had been left open. It wasn’t, just the way it’ll look in there from now on!

At the store, I looked the door over carefully to make sure all of the panels were intact, and I noticed there were no screw holes for hinges, which meant that this door was brand new. It even had it’s 10 year guarantee sticker attached at the top. This brand new door was only $35. I paid for it and was planning to have the ReStore employees help me heft it on top of my Jeep and tie it down for the two mile ride home. However, because of liability issues they said that they could not tie it down. I asked them to hold it til next weekend and called my dad to see if he could bring his truck down to bring it on home for me.

Luckily for me, the Gamecocks baseball game was in the bottom of the 8th when I called (securing their title as 2011 SEC champs!), so he came over that afternoon. Not only did he haul it for me, he helped me install it right then and there! We got it in with absolutely no problems that we weren’t able to fix, and we were able to do it without buying any new parts. It took about an hour and 15 minutes, to boot. This is why dads are awesome, and you should always keep ice cream, cold drinks, and bandannas around for when they help you fix your house/car/life/anything.

If you are ever looking for any building material, go check out the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. It’s located at 483 Sunset Boulevard, West Columbia, SC 29169. There are other locations all over the country too. Make sure you know exactly what specifications you need before buying though, there are NO returns or exchanges. They get shipments in multiple times every week so you may not find what you need the first time, but stick to it and you will find it there eventually! You can also donate unneeded or leftover building materials to them as a tax deductible donation. All proceeds from the ReStore go directly back into Habitat for Humanity, so you’re helping your own wallet as well as a great cause!