“I wish they made a cinnamon roll incense because I don’t always have time to make a pan. Perhaps I’d rather light a stick and then have my roommates wake up with false hopes.” -Mitch Hedberg

I have had the recipe for Moosewood’s Quick Cinnamon Buns in the queue for quite a while and was only able to take the time out to make them on my vacation last week, which is weird because they are theoretically quick so you can make them on a busy weekday/lazy weekend. Either way, I got them made and they. are. good. and. worth. it.

I won’t bother re-posting the recipe, I’ll just direct you to the recipe and subsequent experience making them at Eat This House. The only changes I made were that I substituted some of the white flour for whole wheat flour. Unfortunately I didn’t put as much whole wheat in as I’d have liked because get this… I ran out of flour. BOTH KINDS OF FLOUR. WHAT THE…

I was just able to get the dough made and of course didn’t have enough left to flour my hands or the countertop, so I wrapped the dough in plastic wrap, chunked it in the fridge and went to Earthfare for both unbleached white flour and whole wheat flour. I took my tupperware canisters and filled those suckers UP. Taking canisters is much easier and environmentally friendly than filling up the plastic bags, by the way. Another post on that another day though.

Once back home, I found a much less sticky and more supple dough than I had left. The recipe doesn’t recommend chilling the dough, but I surely do. Even just a quick 15-30 minute chill while you load the dishwasher should be sufficient. Then start baking them and fill the house with the smell of real cinnamon buns, and give anyone that comes in to look at them a look that lets them know that these are all yours. And look at them, they are as tasty as you might imagine.

They are perfect with a glass of milk.

Maybe these aren’t feasible to make in the morning before work (for me at least) but they definitely are easy and worth it to throw into the Sunday afternoon cooking rotation that can be enjoyed all week long, should they last a whole week!