Well, not really. Today started out looking like I wasn’t going to end up getting much accomplished, but it turned out really well. It started last night with my making ho-reos to take to husband’s office party. The first batched sucked because I was trying to rush and didn’t fully melt the butter, which led to it not getting fully incorporated, which led to thin, lacy cookies that would never hold up to getting fully off the parchment paper, nevermind the creamy filling. Learn from my mistakes, ya’ll- don’t try to get ahead of the ingredients. So I took the last egg in the house and tried again. Luckily it worked better this time. The point of the cookies was to make the husb look good as the newest employee in the department, so hopefully that will make him seem like an even sweeter asset than he already is.

Then I decided to take a walk up and down Devine Street, where everything was closed and it was hot as balls. Everything except Handpicked. I got my monogram necklace repaired, and bought a set of little pink pearl earrings on super sale. Then after several frustrations with parking meters on Main Street, riding right past the Mast General Store, and being hotter than 40 hells, I came home and started working on the last coat of paint on my hallway. It did look like this:

But after banging it out today, it looks a little more finished.

But wait, there’s more!

Don’t try to get past my guard dog, he bites.

I’m not sure why the above pictures are blurry, but I am thinking it’s because I took the pictures with the overhead light off. Oh well, lesson learned. It’s starting to look like a grown up home, so exciting! I am still not 100% done with this room, it has a few more things that need to be done, such as:

  • Paint the ceiling/attic
  • Paint the closet door
  • Touch up the trim
  • Re-paint the basket shelf silver
  • Clean the light fixture (yes, it’s got over a year’s worth of dust on it, oops)
  • Hang this up outside the bathroom
  • Re-attach the large vent cover (as seen in the second picture above)
  • Get the dried paint off of the hardwood floor, then Orange Glo it really well
  • Make the cat litter box/feeding stand less ugly and harder to have litter tracked everywhere

And for a quick flashback, this is what the foyer used to look like:

Much better, less jarring, and it flows better with the rest of the house! Plus, they are still chalk board. Although, I am going to only put out white chalk to use on the new paint because some of the pigments in the colored chalk totally ruined the former paint job, which partially spurred this transformation. And that was how I honored the country today.