Oh Thirsty Fellow, you would have been a welcome addition to my life as an commuting undergrad journalism student who would have been much less stressed with beer close(r) at hand. Situated behind the Coliseum and associated parking lots, to the side of the Colonial Life Arena, and as the closest bar to the Carolina Stadium, the Thirsty Fellow is in an ideal location to cater to sports fans and beer lovers of all flavors. Husband and I went to eat there for the first time last night, which was the NCAA basketball championship game. It was adequately filled with groups of men, then there was us and the friends we met up with that evening.

Despite the basketball fans, we got a seat on their large porch with no trouble at all. Husband ordered a pitcher of Skull Coast macadamia nut flavored beer, which he said I would probably like because it didn’t taste very beer-y. To his credit, it did not in fact taste beer-y, but the macadamia nut flavor hit you once you swallowed each sip. It reminded me of how hazelnut coffee tastes. All in all, not a bad beer, but I couldn’t finish my pint.

Luckily we got our appetizer relatively quickly- Gorgonzola covered chips. Ohhh these were delicious. The chips were crispy, the kitchen was generous with the Gorgonzola chunks, and the Gorgonzola sauce was excellent. The waitress warned us that the sauce would cool off pretty quickly, so after a few times of dipping the chips and dripping cheese all over the place, I just poured the sauce on the chips. We made short work of these chips, cleaning the entire plate and shamelessly shoveling chips and cheese chunks into our mouths like starving dogs. I excused my behavior to our out of town friends with the fact that I was ravenous from my Rep Reebok class that I had been in not an hour previous.

By the time that I had polished off the chips, our entrees arrived. I ordered a small pizza with caramelized onions, sun dried tomatoes, shredded mozzarella, and provolone cheeses. It was a bit hard to look civilized and bite through all of the cheese and tomatoes, so I took to cutting and forking the pizza like some sort of crazy person. Their pizza was as rumored, amazing. We brought home half of it to eat for lunches today, and let me just say that if it isn’t there, I will be highly upset in about an hour.

Update: it was. And it’s excellent cold.

Husband had a sandwich of some sort that included sweet potato fries. Clearly I was focused on nothing but what I was eating last night since I don’t even know what he or our friends had. Ooops. His fries came with a dipping sauce that had a cinnamon sweet flavor. I was not a fan of the sauce, but the shoe string sweet potato fries were fantastic. I had to put them in the to go pizza box to keep from finishing those off too as we lingered over one last beer (I switched to a Hoegaarden by this point).

We’ll definitely go back to Thirsty Fellow for many more beers and pizzas. It is similar to the Flying Saucer with its great porch, delicious and not your everyday greasy bar food, good beer selection and great-place-to-meet-with-friends atmosphere. I can see Husband and myself riding our bicycles here (to catch a Braves game?!) once I get over my fear of biking across the Blossom Street bridge.

(Photo credit: Fotothing)

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