Don’t even act like there isn’t anything to do in Columbia this weekend. There are so many things to do that I bet I won’t even get a quarter of them on this list. You like puppies? Flowers? Food? Drinks? Crafts that don’t suck? Puppies again? Organs? I mean organs like celebrating the gift of life, not organs as instruments. I bet there’s a celebration of those too around town if you look hard enough though!

Update: Take your umbrellas and check ahead of time to make sure these events haven’t been postponed or canceled due to the severe weather forecast for the area.

Plants, plants, plants!

SC State Farmer’s Market Spring Plant & Flower Festival– Thursday-Sunday in Lexington County off of 321

Cayce Plant Exchange– Saturday 10 am at Cayce City Hall Canceled due to severe weather


Crafts! And a Bike Valet!

Crafty Feast at Indie Grits– 11 am – 6 pm at Main & College Streets downtown

Food! Sweet Glorious Food

All Local Farmers’ Market– Saturday 8-12 every Saturday

I am sure there’ll be food at Indie Grits too, at least there’ll be grits, right? Judy’s at the Market restaurant will be serving up some fresh, healthy, local food as well.


Dogs, Puppies, Dogs in Bandanas

Sails & Tails– 12 – 4 pm at the South Shore Marina in Leesville

Pets Inc. Easter B’egg– 10 am – 4 pm in West Columbia Two hour delay due to severe weather

Feel Good!

Linking Hands For Life– 4 pm at Riverfront Park in Columbia. Event to promote organ donation awareness by Donate Life SC. Even if you don’t go to this event, take the necessary steps to become an organ donor. Tell them at the DMV, have a conversation with your family members, put it in writing. Help make someone else’s life better if yours happens to take a turn for the worst. Sounds like a somber thing to thing about, but it’s necessary. Include telling your closest relatives about this on the way to one of these other events.

So what is your pick of this short list of amazing events to attend this weekend? Enjoy and take lots of pictures to share, since I won’t be able to make it to all of these!