like grandmaw and grandpaw used to play.

Husband and I took off for the mountains just north of Asheville this weekend with a very specific mission in mind: sit on porch, eat food, listen to music. We accomplished all of the three, and then some. I won’t go into much detail, I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves. Here is the view from our friend’s front porch. This is what they see everyday. Is it possible to get tired of this?

Here is a photo from up the ridge to the right of their house. By the way, their house is insulated with hay bales. It’s got a lot of ecologically friendly features that also happen to be economically friendly. It was getting up to 80 degrees in the mountains but inside the house was like a cool cave. They don’t even have an air conditioner. Think on that.

This is their “alien landing pad” which is just a circle mowed up onto the ridge. It’s a great spot for star gazing. There aren’t any trees directly over this spot, it’s high up, and there is no light pollution to mar the view. There are a bunch of bees buzzing around though, and my smart self wore a hot pink t-shirt.

Now, as pretty as the nature was this weekend, it was a pain too. Spring’s fabulous coming out party occurs about two weeks later in western North Carolina than in the midlands of South Carolina and it was in full swing, spraying yellow pollen all throughout the air sweeping down the mountainside. There are a lot more trees in the area, and a lot of trees that my respiratory system isn’t used to, so the effects were that much stronger. Luckily for me (and everyone else that had to see and hear me as well) the sneeze fest didn’t start until Sunday morning. Once we were back and I was able to gulp in lungfuls of the hot South Carolina air, I was feeling much better about the breathing situation.

Ok, I’ll stop with the gratuitous mountain views. The real reason we were up there was to hear my dad’s friend’s daughter sing in her first paid gig. She’s 15, almost 16, and just amazing. She also writes songs, and they were great as well. Once she turns 18 I feel like she’ll be on her way to musical pastures. And then I’ll remind her of that time I helped carry her gear out after that first gig.

Get out of my way, ya’ll, I’M WITH THE BAND. Check it, the glowing thing behind me is the (not making this up) COOL BUS that some hippie obviously lives in. Nothing to say but LOL.