My weekend started out with a Carolina baseball game with coworkers and spouses/significant others. One particular coworker/friend and I decided that since we were JUST SO CLOSE to our favorite bar, we’d make an appearance. So we did. I saw this guy there that stood out from the crowd and he looked very familiar. I kept looking at him, and we made inadvertent eye contact a lot. I had a hunch on who it was, so once I got home I Googled and by God, I was right. It was the bassist from Crossfade! Awesome. Next time I will know and will have to go converse with him instead of just eyeballing him.

Despite the alcohol, I got up Saturday and went to tend a store where I used to work during college. Thank God I could get this right across the street:

Mmm. It came from Pizza Man on Rosewood. I love their current sign. I have never had Pizza Man, and it was great. Tons of cheese, good sauce, crust wasn’t too thick or too thin. Much better than the Papa John’s I used to order in.

I took my computer there because it was predicted to be a slow sales day, which it kind of was. I did lots of Internetting in between my intermittent customers. I love working alone, and yesterday just cemented it. It was just me for 8 hours, doing what I do. If only that could be every day.

And that concludes Saturday for the most part. Today we “lost an hour, Oh God!” so I decided to make the most of this supposed 23 hour day. I made a grocery list and went to Earthfare for some staples and weird chip flavors. These are today’s chip flavors that got to come home and be tasted. So far, the Buffalo Bleu is great. KInd of like a less tangy BBQ flavored chip. I love the crunchiness of kettle chips, so these are really good. The Chilean lime flavor will likely go to work with me tomorrow.

Today’s weather forecast in Columbia, South Carolina is 78 degrees…

with 20% humidity.

These are the most perfect days in the South. The sun is out, it’s warm, not humid, and the damn pollen hasn’t started to discolor everything yellow. Those days are upcoming, and they will be miserable. But these days before it are out reward. The dogs are enjoying the open windows and the cross breeze.

Then I set out to make a good portion of my dinners for the week. On the menu is Creamy Barley with Tomatoes and Greens from fellow SC food blogger Hungry Meets Healthy. Mmm, couldn’t resist getting some right out of the pot. This is one of the reasons I needed to go to Earthfare this morning, was to get some barley for this recipe. I wasn’t sure what kind to get, but I went with pearled barley because it didn’t need 8 hours of soaking time, according to the specs on the outside of the bulk bin. It is really delicious, but I am afraid to eat more than a bowlful for fear of my belly exploding. It’s currently working its magic in my belly as we speak, meaning that I am slap-up full from just that bowl’s worth! Weight loss magic? We’ll see.

I also went on a vegetable stock making spree. I really need to document this process. It’s easy and totally worth the little bit of effort put into it.

And that was this weekend, in a nutshell. The rest of the night is going to be dedicated to making my bed, showering, and getting ready for another 5 days of working.