We’ve all heard of Meatless Mondays, the yuppie craze that has swept the nation with its promises of saving the Earth, making your kids healthier, and your waistline smaller! Being that every day is meatless for me, I am going to take it one or two steps further. Starting next week, I am going to have Vegan Vednesdays. And really, I doubt I’ll keep it to a strict every single Wednesday thing, but at least one day (or two!) from Sunday-Saturday will be vegan.

I say next week because I need to work out the logistics, and the biggest logistic is my morning coffee worship. I put half and half in it every. day. with. out. fail. I don’t want to buy a container of Silk (or other substitute) just for one day a week, and I’ve already done this week’s shopping. I will research some dairy free options in the meantime, and who knows, maybe I’ll like the dairy free creamer enough to do it daily (ideal situation!).

(Photo credit: Photobucket)

The motivation behind trying to adopt a bit more vegan of a diet is that I am trying to lose 8 pounds by Memorial Day. I know that I can completely blow that out of the water easily, but I don’t totally want to give up my eggs, creams and cheeses. I feel like this is a good compromise, and now that most of the cheese is finally almost gone, this is as good as time as any to start!

Do you try to do Meatless Mondays or a special type of diet on certain days of the week?  Any dairy free creamer recommendations?