This is the aftermath of my afternoon snack. I have been really terrible about eating my fruits and vegetables this week, so I made myself, once and for all eat these strawberries I brought to the office and left in the fridge since Monday. Yes, since Monday, it’s gross I know. They were a bit on the almost overripe side, which is why a few of them aren’t eaten all the way to the top.

Not eating my fruits and vegetables feels especially bad so me since I am a vegetarian. What in the hell else have I been eating? Carbs and cheese, as evidenced by last night’s creation. Tuesday night was a semi okay night, as we went to Cellar on Greene, which is attached to Claussen’s Inn (to the left) with our couple friends of whom the husband is about to go for a year to Afghan-iraq-an. I am not sure which place, but that covers most of the possibilities.

Back to the food though. I had the $19 for three courses deal, my choices being the watercress salad, the pasta primavera, and peanut butter pie for dessert. The salad was amazing, with candied pecans, fresh tangy goat cheese, adorable little watercress leaves that felt like I was eating shamrocks, these fantastically mild onion slices on top, and more accouterments. The pasta primavera was chock full of vegetables and more cute watercress leaves on top but it was mostly a carb and cheese lover’s paradise. I thought ahead and didn’t finish the plateful so that I would have plenty of room for the chocolate peanut butter pie. Oh. My. I tried a bite of husband’s key lime pie though, and I will say I lost the dessert choice game tonight. His key lime pie was so light and lime-y with a contrasting drizzle of raspberry sauce. Get that for dessert at Cellar on Green.

On back through the week of bad eating habits. Monday I made spaghetti with Trader Joe’s Meatless Italian sausage links diced into the sauce. The sauce was fantastic, the sausage ruined it. I think maybe if I had crumbled it into the sauce it may have been better, but as I had it, I just pushed out the fauxsage chunks and ate the rest of the sauce and noodles. Faux meat fail.

Sunday night I made a pizza crust and spread the aforementioned sauce on top and cut chunks of smoked mozzerella on top of that. A few shakes of grated Parmesan and you have another carb and cheese fest for me. I did hear through husband that a friend of ours who was over Sunday night was raving about my pizza. Got to love someone who will appreciate efforts.

And in the interest of getting out of here on time, I shall conclude this post with time tested words that every mother (and probably even wife) has uttered, “Eat your vegetables!”

Post gym update (7:12 pm):

Smitten Kitchen’s Mediterranean Pepper Salad. My summer (or ready for summer!) favorite. I think that’s at least three more cups of vegetables there.