Do you have a favorite blog or blogs whose content you just can’t wait to consume every day? Mine are Young House Love, The Shop Tart, and the Paris Apartment blog. There is a different reason I like each site, yet one unifying thing ties them together: they are all things that interest me. The likelihood that anyone else would name the same three as favorites is slim to none.

Of course there are tens of thousands of fans that flock to YHL daily to get their fix of amazing DIY ideas, color combinations, and moments from this adorable couple’s daily life. No one can deny their appeal. I like the Shop Tart because her site deals with the area local to me, and she focuses on food, fashion and fun like no one else in Columbia has. If I could make my life eating, shopping, and being one of the local glitterati like she has, you bet I’d do it in a heartbeat. And finally, for the francophile in me, the Paris Apartment blog has beautiful photographs of places I’ll never go and things I’ll never touch presented in a very accessible way. The author’s jet setting lifestyle of flying to Paris to help the riche outfit their pied à terres is fascinating, and it is a life that I only want to view from the outside, but nevertheless, I want a view because it includes la belle France.

Thinking about why I like other blogs makes me think to why others might want to read mine. Does anyone want to read mine? It’s almost too early to say, as I have only been doing this steadily for about two months, free-wheeling about, seeing what themes and topics I come to most frequently that also garners the best responses to readers. This experience so far has been an excellent writing outlet and a great landing pad for my thoughts. It’s a networking tool, and it’s forcing me to get on the bucking bronco of webmastery.

A site I’ve started reading a lot of recently is Copyblogger, a site that caters to professional and amateur copywriters and bloggers, because I want to try and keep up with the times, the trends, and news about this world of which I want to be a part. This article on the Seven Deadly Sins of Blogging held my mental interest for most of the afternoon. How many blogs do we read even though they commit some of these sins? Do some of your favorite bloggers commit one (or many) of these sins? And the most important questions I was asking myself (I am answering my own question here…) is, “Am I breaking one or many of these sins? Am I sucking at this?”

There are hundreds of millions of tips, tricks, and hints online about how to just about everything. Some of these ideas are the complete opposite of one another. The ones we like are the ones we remember, but every so often, it’s good to come across articles like the Seven Deadly Sins of Blogging to make someone stop and take stock of what they are digitally hurling up and splattering online for all to see. Take a moment and read the article, look at your own blog, and think about whether or not you’d want to read it if you were a stranger.

Are you interesting? What blogs do you look forward to reading every day?

She's interested, he isn't.