This was a Valentine’s day dinner for my husband and myself. I grabbed it from Trader Joe’s in Charlotte the Saturday before V-Day, because my love is a fan of both beer and cheese.

The preparation is insanely simple: Cut packet, dump in pot, stir in the suggested spices, garlic, nutmeg, or pepper. You can use a crock pot to heat your cheese, or a real fondue set, or a double boiler, but I didn’t want to get the baby crock pot out of the attic; we don’t have a fondue set, and I was being too lazy for a double boiler! I went with a light sprinkle of garlic powder as my flavoring agent and set the eye on the stove to medium so that it would have plenty of time to melt while I prepped the vegetables, fruit and bread we were going to use as dippers.

The dippers were red bell pepper strips, carrot sticks, broccoli florets, green apple slices, and French bread cut into bite sized hunks. Pretzels were supposed to be included too, but I forgot them in the pantry, oops! By the time I was done with the slicing and dicing, the cheese way delicious and melty. I called my husband inside from his man cave and we dug into the cheesy goodness.

The downside to eating the fondue right out of the pot was that once the pot itself cooled down from being off of the heat, the cheese thickened back up a bit. Luckily we were cramming the food in our mouths like starving hyenas, so it didn’t bother us too much.¬† His favorite dipper was the green apples, with the bread being a second favorite. I liked the bread and the broccoli as my dippers of choice. The packet plus the dippers was a good amount of food for both of us, but for a more complete meal I would suggest a leafy or grain based salad in addition to the fondue.

I would definitely buy this product again, though I hear it’s seasonal and only available in the fall and winter months at your local (or not so local!) Trader Joe’s.

*This is a personal review that I did based on the fact that I like reading other people’s reviews of products, so I am reciprocating and putting my own views out there in case anyone might want to know a real opinion on a product. I am not being compensated by Trader Joe’s in any way.*