I want to have my hands dirty with words and creativity and gooey ideas that haven’t yet been completely thought through. I want to be respected as an innovator that comes up with some “weird stuff” that people later look at and go “yeah, yeah, that works!”I enjoy the smudge of ink on my hands after I thumb through a final draft of a publication I’ve worked on.

I keep a notepad and pen on my nightstand because I’ll wake up from a cold sleep and have something that I’ve got to finish thinking through, but know myself well enough that I write it down or it will flutter out of my ears in my sleep, and fly out of my window like a quiet little bird. I can’t remember anything that I don’t write down and keep multiple lists on me at all times.

If reading made you gain weight, I would have to be airlifted out of my home. I take in information and ideas that span from celebrity gossip to how to poach an egg to the best ways to invest in real estate. Magazines are stacked up in my bathroom, novels are a fixture by the bed. My Google Reader has posts in the triple digits daily, and I take in just about every word in each of those posts as something I might need to know at some point in time. My mind has an endless capacity for useless information. Sometimes that information becomes pertinent in an interview, in a bar, chatting with someone in a store, or on a social network.

I like working with people that do not whistle; I also like to work alone with my thoughts. Sometimes not getting out of bed and going to the office is a necessity, because the breeze blowing through the windows and petting the dog with my feet as I work will get my creativity flowing far more than sitting in any office. Sometimes it’s the Friday before a long weekend and you got everything done in the first four days of the week, congratulations, take the day to yourself! Some days have a set schedule of meetings and events, some days just do not. Use your judgment and discretion, it’s your reputation that rests on whether or not you complete your tasks, and complete them well.

I’ll never leave the metropolitan area of Columbia, South Carolina for anything listed above though. I was born and raise here in the cradle of the state, and I’ll stay here until the end. It is truly God’s country in every respect, and nothing can lure me away for longer than a week. If I can’t live out my dream here where I belong, then it isn’t my real dream.


*Dream job, excepting being a wealthy heiress.