Saturday had the makings of a perfect, leisurely day spent mostly outside in some form or fashion. I had great plans to spend the day in the Cayce-West Columbia (CWC) area, not venturing more than a mile and a half or so from home base. I stopped by Melrose Antique’s at almost the corner of Meeting and 9th streets in West Columbia because I had been meaning to for a few years. It is a nice little shop, converted from an older home and you can tell from the outside that there are probably some pretty cool things inside. I was immediately greeted upon entrance to the shop, and made a loop through the house. Though I didn’t make any purchases, I saw some cute, reasonably priced things. These are what caught my eye:

Part of a set of candleholders. It looks like a taper candle will fit in the hats that these cute little doggies are holding out for you. They are pretty heavy, to offset the weight of a lit candle, I assume. Priced at $35, they were cute, but not that cute for me today.

I have a joke with my mom regarding corn accessories. She has corn shaped plates, corn shaped corn holders, a corn shaped brush to brush the silk off of fresh corn, and God knows what else relating to corn. Making fun of those corn accessories only led to me being gifted with my own set of corn paraphernalia which rarely gets used, because who thinks “Hey better eat this corn off the corn plate, with the corn shaped holders, and don’t forget to use the corn brush!”?

I didn’t note the prices, but I may return closer to late April or May to see if they still have these for a fun Mother’s Day present. I hope it won’t be too corny. Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to pop any more jokes. On with other kernels of wisdom:

I stopped by Worth Repeating Home Consignments, which was much larger (and much fancier) than I expected. I made a quick tour through and left. It was a very nice shop, and I would gladly direct people with a fatter wallet and fancier tastes to go there. I would especially check out the local art they have hanging on the walls.

I then went to try and get a bubble tea concoction from Tea on State Street, only to find the windows covered up and the door locked. I saw no signage related to Tea closing or anything, so I walked down around the corner to get to the parking lot without having to walk back through the hipsters brunching at Cafe Strudel. Apparently Rish’s Florist, located next to Tea, has closed down too! I do not know the reason why, but they were quite rude to me when I called three years ago to inquire about using them as our wedding florist, so maybe they just ruded themselves out of business. Who is to say? I just report my personal experiences.

From there, I was going to treat myself to a nice pedicure at the nail salon in Parkland Plaza, but was foiled there too. The lady working was the only one there and was booked the rest of the afternoon. Tired of defeat, I walked down to Ace Hardware, where I can always find a way to amuse myself for an afternoon. Unfortunately, I had to get yet more leaf bags to finish raking the yard. That isn’t an amusing afternoon, but a necessary one. I also picked up a few other necessities and chatted with my neighbor and went on my way.

I rode by the Old Mill Antique Mall and the adjacent Old Mill Plant Shop on State Street, another two perennial favorites, that also seemed to be everyone else’s favorites that day as well. The small parking lot was jam packed so I passed on by and decided that a swirl cone from Zesto’s was just what I needed! Being a good wife, I called my husband to see if he wanted some of the best smelling fried chicken around. Of course he did, so I headed on over to 12th Street for the chicken and cone. I don’t know how the employees there survive that fast paced environment! It feels perpetually rushed in there, yet they are always so polite and never rush their customers.

Once I was back in the car and working the ice cream down into nothing, I decided to stop into Tri City Pickers, a new thrift store at 12th and D Avenue that opened in the fall. I’d stopped by one before at the suggestion of my mom, and I see their cute window displays every day on my way home, so I thought I’d peruse their selections today. One of the owners was outside helping a family load a furniture purchase into their truck and made me finish my ice cream cone before entering. Once I got it down to just the cone, she let me enter.

I have a joke with my in-laws about Campbell’s tomato soup, so I noted that they had a set of six mugs bearing the old time soup logo.

And I took a picture of this old time meat grinder for the husband, which I surely will not be getting him, as I bought him the meat grinder attachment for our Kitchenaid that has seen very minimal action. I’m sure this is a very nicely made instrument though, but it’s probably had so many animal pieces run through it that I am slightly grossed out by it. Moving on now.

I bought a (not pictured) fajita kit for $6 that features a very nice cast iron pan. Given my recent proclivity for fajitas, this was an excellent find. I’m glad I found something useful to buy, because I figured that since the owner was nice enough to let me in the shop with my half eaten ice cream cone, I should show the thanks by making a purchase. Being I was so close to home and also needed to give the husband hot chicken, I headed back and used the rest of the day to relax on the porch with a cocktail and a friend that came over.