This isn’t my first blog, but it is the first one that I am going to try and keep up with long term. I have blogged publicly, and not so publicly, since the early 2000’s, when Xanga was cool amongst the more computer literate of us in high school. Then, it was like writing a mass note to your friends without having to scribble it on paper and keep up with it until the next class started. Then it wasn’t cool, then I was so busy writing for academic purposes during colleges that writing anything else was out of the question. It was during this time (2003-2008) that blogging became as vital to the marketing and public relations toolkit as a press release or a good logo. Blogs are a way to keep your clients, consumers, and interested parties even more involved with the company than ever before. Blogs are  informal, available round the clock, and hopefully chock full of the information that the viewer wants.

I wish that I would have kept up with blogging, because if I had, I’d have a great portfolio chock full of writing samples. Now I am struggling to start blogging again, whereas my more competitive peers have their own URLs and fancily designed pages that they probably coded and designed the graphics for themselves.

Keeping up with an organization’s social media output sounds like it would be a cool job- getting paid to play on the internets? Sign me up! Or… wait a second, how many different social media tools are there out there? And I have to use them multiple times a day, every day? And know how to work them all intimately?  And research and write appropriate content to publish to them? Oh hell no, that sounds like a real job now.

I am going to try, to the best of my ability, to keep up with this blog, and my Twitter account, and keeping the content interesting, fresh, and engaging. I want to attract people to this blog that find the things I find interesting. I want to bring people’s attention to things they may not have known about otherwise. I want to get back up to speed with my voracious, sometimes vicious peers in this wild web world of social media.


Samantha Jones(Photo credit)