Red camera

Since when are point and shoot cameras considered “kind of disposable”? My orange Olympus Stylus 830 that my husband got me in October of 2007 won’t work anymore because the xD card reader got screwed up from particles scratching the reader. Then he recommended that I just buy a new camera, because it would be easier and cheaper than getting the current one repaired. He said that point and shoots aren’t made to last very long, and they What??

That makes me mad on so many levels. That is one of the the problems with the world today, that technology can and should be replaced instead of repaired. I can’t say that I am helping, being that I wanted a camera that worked, and I wanted it sooner than later, but still. I do plan to contact my husband’s friends that own a camera shop in town and ask them if they would look at my camera and see if they could repair it for a decent price, then I’ll either keep it as a backup, resell it, or give it to my mom to use to take pictures of her dogs. While not reducing, it is reusing, so I can still sleep at night, knowing that I’m not killing the Earth too much more because of my camera dilemma.

The red one pictured above is the one that I just ordered, based on a recommendation from the live in tech help that I employ here in my home (ok, IT enthusiast and professional that I married, same difference, right?). In the meantime, I am resorting to the camera on my Droid Eris to catch the moments in between, like this one that I had to leave behind today on my lunch break to go back to work:

Radar and Woody on couch

How long do your point and shoot cameras usually last?