If you came home from a weekend away to find your significant other had painted your front door hot pink… or sky blue… would you be pleasantly surprised or mad?

(Photo credit: www.akmasters.com)

(image removed, will replace with a more cropped version)

But imagine that the white screen door was replaced with a clear glass Energy Star certified door with a white frame. Or maybe a black frame. Either way, just imagine that you can see the entire front door in an awesome hot pink, or sky blue, or possible a deep teal color. I just can’t decide if the husband will be irritated at a hot pink door. Blue, I think he could handle, but… hot pink. I love hot pink. He knows this. I am working on priming it now so pics to come… whichever way I go!


Update on 2/2/11: He still hasn’t noticed the hot pink door. What can I say, when he finally does notice it, at least I’ll be able to say, “Well, it must not be that bad, it took you X days to realize it was hot pink!”